Climate Response Ireland is a community group based in Kildare, founded in Celbridge with a membership based throughout Kildare.

Mission Statement

CRI will initiate nationwide action within communities to provide visibility on our environmental challenges by accelerating citizen science based research, building community knowledge and awareness, creating change through data production, analytics, communication and active engagement in policy-making and planning.


The organisation will pursue objectives that include but are not limited to the following in pursuit of CRI’s Vision and Mission:

  • Develop and roll-out community-based monitors for air and water
  • Raise awareness of toxic pollutants within local communities, specifically those pollutants which directly affect each local community.
  • Work with communities to enable them to:
    • measure toxic pollutants in their environment.
    • locate the source of those toxic pollutants.
    • take action to eliminate those toxic pollutants.
  • Develop awareness materials
  • Engage in planning and policy development
  • Research on relevant topics
  • Support the development of innovations and trials
Any additional related objectives that the group agrees through regular meeting or AGM.